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AEC Completes its 2nd Full Year of Operation

Our spin-off of Adventure Entertainment Cos. (AEC) has worked out well. Placing our entertainment industry practice in a purpose-built entity has allowed AEC to focus solely on creative works, conceptual design, and first efforts towards development of our AEC-owned place products.


Our visualization work such as the studio attractions at Camp Page in Chuncheon (shown above), are first-rate and all the better with integrated SCP input for feasibility, business planning, and development input to the creative process.    AEC’s specialization in mixed-use film studios has allowed a specialized area of experience to emerge, through assignments in France, Spain, Nigeria, China, and the U.S., whether for to-be-built facilities, or re-purposed film studios needing new life.


Through AEC, our intention has been to go directly to 3d visualization during ideation, to help project teams fully consider experiential design options.


Most descriptions of StoneCreek Partners experience and/or work product are limited by client or partner non-disclosure agreements. We include our partners’ experience while with predecessor organizations.