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Pier 44 Redevelopment

Experiential guest programming, design, and conceptual site planning for a marina waterfront village in Marina del Rey, California. Pier 44 Town Center was a planned component of an overall redevelopment master plan for 62 acres of prime waterfront leaseholds in Marina del Rey.    At the time, the subject properties were owned by one leasehold owner, the largest such owner in Marina del Rey, representing a considerable opportunity for effective redevelopment.


The experiential place making efforts created a musical underpinning for the placemaking, with a themed entertainment style evocative of California’s “beach” history and lifestyle, particularly as history rambled through the Mission Era, the offshore gambling boats, to the Beach Boys and Muscle Beach, to today.   All work in association with Jim Garber & Associates and architect Johnson Fain Pereira.


Work included negotiations with the County of Los Angeles for lease extensions to the ground leased parcels involved in this redevelopment.

Most descriptions of StoneCreek Partners experience and/or work product are limited by client or partner non-disclosure agreements. We include our partners’ experience while with predecessor organizations.


NEI Investor Group and Real Property Management, Inc.


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