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Real Estate Feasibility Studies

Real estate feasibility studies refer to analysis conducted prior to making an investment or taking a course of action. The analysis includes consideration of time to be devoted, capital costs, and risks, among many such factors.


A feasibility study will typically include consideration of multiple stakeholders in most projects – for real estate, this includes the developers, space (end) users, corporate sponsors, local residents, local governments, and investors, among others. Each party has unique issues and concerns with regard to feasibility, and deal structuring needs to reflect such concerns.


 Market Support 


Market support analysis typically address a number of critical issues concerning the existing and future market support for a proposed facility: Demographic Profile — Development of the demographic profile of the primary end-user of the client company’s products and/or services.


Demand Projections — Development of a market area demand model based on available demographic information and the application of common sense statistical models to develop a picture of the current and future marketing area trends that may effect demand (and thereby affect market penetration and sales revenues).


Supply Projections — Preparation of market area supply information to include the effects of historical, current and potential future market competition (direct and indirect) that may impact the project’s market penetration opportunity and prospective sales revenues.


Recommended Facility and Amenities — Investigation of the primary marketing area in terms of the end-user’s expectations as to the delivery of additional services, amenities, and programs that effect the cost of service delivery on an ongoing basis.


Development Recommendations — As feasibility consultants we look for development of a sustainable market niche that should place the client company’s business at a distinct advantage over competitors (assuming the client company’s operations are professionally executed and managed on an ongoing basis).


 Financial Projections & Analysis 


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